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Nims Superspecialty Hospital, Institute of Pediatrics offers state of the art health care exclusively for children. Located in Nims Superspecialty Hospital, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Jaipur, India, is well equipped with the most advanced pediatric care facilities and acts as a Regional Centre of Excellence for Neonatal, Pediatric and Adolescent Care. Institute of Pediatrics is staffed with a well trained Acute Life Support, APLS, Neonatal and New Born Care and Resuscitation, Critical Care, Ward Management, Nutrition, Learning Difficulty, etc and have one of the best paediatricians in our team.

The health needs of neonates children and young adults are extremely unique and different. The incidence of prematurity, low birth weight (LBW), Childhood Diabetes, asthma, developmental disorders etc, are rising especially in third world countries like India. In addition, a growing prevalence of childhood obesity and eating disorders, lack of physical activities, overexposure to pollution and UV radiation etc have contributed to an increasing need for Paediatric super specialities such as Neonatology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Cardiology, Specialized Pediatric Emergency Care, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Neurosurgery etc

One basic difference that we need to understand when planning or delivering Pediatric Care is that a child is a growing person whose body is undergoing tremendous changes and evolution, naturally. This poses special challenges to those who are involved in the planning, delivery and execution of these services. 

Our objective is to provide excellent healthcare to the masses in the most cost-effective way eventually to create some difference in the health care and the well-being of children, adolescents and their families by integrating medical care, education and research. It's the sheer love of our patients and their families that enables us to provide the highest quality of care and services to the community, offering all major health care services under one roof.



√Allergy & Asthma Clinic

√Pediatric Neurology

√Pediatric Cardiology

√Pediatric Urology 

√Immunization/ Vaccination Clinics

√Pediatric Nephrology 

√Pediatric Plastic & Corrective Surgery

√Pediatric Oncology

√Pediatric Endocinology

√Pediatric Orthopedics

√Pediatric & Adolscent Speech & Language Clinic

√Genetic Counselling 

√Thalassemia Clinic

√Pediatric Hematology Clinic

√Child Psychiatry

√PEM & Pediatric Nutrition Clinic

√Special Need Child/ Behaviour Modification



*Ward Based Services
√General/ Private Wards
√5 Star Facility Deluxe Wards
√CT/MRI/ Blood Tests/ Ultrasound/ XRay/ ECHO

√Repeated Blood Transfusions

√Bone Marrow Aspiration

√Lumbar Puncture


√In patient Assessment & Treatment of Nutritional Disorders including PEM

√Child Epilepsy

√Heart Problems

√ARI (Sore Throat, Cough, Chest infection)

√Ear Pain/ Glue Ear

√Anemia, Asthma, Chickenpox, Diphtheria, Leukemia, Measles, Mumps, Pneumonia, Polio, Tuberculosis, Whooping cough, Lyme disease, Fever, Down's syndrome, Dental caries, Cystic fibrosis, Chagas disease, Candidiasis, Cancer, Bronchiolitis

√In House Vaccinations

*NICU (Neonatal ICU)/ PICU (Pediatric ICU)

√Most Advanced Incubators 
√Respiratory support equipment 

√Neonatal/ Pediatric Intubation/ Ventilation

√Most Advanced Monitors


√Syringe Drivers/ IV Pumps

√Umbilical Catheters
√Peripheral lines/ Central lines

√Kangaroo Mother Care


√Out Reach OPDs

√School Kids Healthcheks

√Corporate Organization Kids Healthcheks

√Community Vaccination Drives

√Community Based PEM Clinics

√Ped Community Cardiology

√Door to Door Health & Sanitation Programs 

√NAI Detection/ Child Protection 

√Child Abuse/ Child Neglect- Detection/ Preventation

√Physical Examinations & Child Indexing

√Hereditary Diseases and Genetic Counselling

√Community Fluorosis Awarness Clinics/ Programs

√Community Asthma & Allergy Clinics

√Diarrheal Diseases & Dehydration Prevention Helpline

√Kids Covid Helpline


Dr. rupesh masand.jpg

Dr Rupesh Masand

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

Professor of Pediatrics


Dr Rupesh Masand is a Senior Professor Head of the Department of Pediatrics. He has done MBBS from S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur and MD in Pediatrics from SMS Medical College, Jaipur. He is a specialist in Pulmonology and critical care. Dr Rupesh Masand Has Published more than 50 Articles in national and international Journals. He is the life member of IAP, IMA, and IAP-IYCF chapter, IAP Respiratory Chapter and also the member of Executive Board IAP Jaipur, Co-Chairman scientific committee, Rajasthan and editorial board member of Indian Journal of Child Health. He is a seasoned Clinician and an accomplished Academician. He is well known for his Clinical Diagnosis and Curative Treatment. 


Dr Chaman Ram Verma

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

Professor Pediatrics & Dean Medical College


Dr Surbhi Tomar Sharma is the Director & Chief Consultant at Nims Superspecialty Hospital and Evaa Hospitals Jaipur & Chandigarh. After working for 3 years dedicatedly at NIMS fertility centre she founded the Evaa Hospital, where she envisioned a centre completely devoted to helping the couples achieve the dream of completing their families. She along with her team believes in providing outstanding medical care with a compassionate, welcoming human touch. Dr Surabhi Tomar Sharma has excellent experience in Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Medicine. She is well known across the country and her fertility treatment enjoys one of the highest success rates in the country. Dr Surabhi is passionate about her work and has always been keen to keep herself updated in this always expanding field of IVF. Dr Sharma has taken her IVF training from several National & International Institute including NUH, Singapore. 

Awards & Achievements

*Dr Surabhi has been awarded as the ‘Icon of Rajasthan’ for her service in IVF by the honourable health minister Mr Kalicharan Saraf in 2018
*She was awarded at NIMS university for her commendable work in the field of infertility
*She was the Joint Secretary of Indian Fertility Society, Rajashthan chapter (2017-2018)
*She has chaired many sessions and has been a panellist in many international conferences and CME’s
*She has presented papers in National conference of repute aka AICOG

Dr Yograj Khinchi

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics)

Professor HOD Pediatrics


Dr Deepa Masant is one of the best Obs & Gynaec Surgeons in Jaipur and currently is a Professor in Nims Super-specialty Hospital. After finishing her MBBS and MS (OBG) from SMS Medical College, Jaipur, she completed her advanced fellowship in OBG. She has worked in the SMS Medical College & Hospital as a faculty, before joining the Nims Superspecialty Hospital. Dr Deepa is a  gifted surgeon and performs all complex obs or gynaec procedures with ease. Her surgical outcome is comparable to that of best surgeons in the world. She has also gained good skills in the field of Urogynecology and Laparoscopic Procedures. She is a very popular Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in the entire Rajasthan, who is praised by the patients for her best surgical outcome as well as excellent mannerism. She is also a keen researcher and had published a number of peer-reviewed research publications. 

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