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NIMS Loyalty Program

NIMS Loyalty Card

"You give loyalty, you'll get it back. You give love, you'll get it back." Tommy Lasorda

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NIMS Loyalty Program

Nims Super-specialty Hospital Loyalty Program is one of the most of the most popular Loyalty Program around within the field of healthcare. As we actively boost patient loyalty, we always explore more ideas to facilitate our loyal patients in the Nims Super-specialty Hospital, making sure their journey at Nims Super-specialty Hospital remains one of the most pleasurable experience they had and can go home after spending a tranquil time here.

Benefits of Nims Loyalty Program
  • Nims Super-specialty Hospital Loyalty Program offers several benefits that make you very happy as a patient. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved engagement with the hospital & staff: Nims Super-specialty Hospital Loyalty Program increase your level of interaction with the hospital, helping you to feel more engaged and connected. Higher levels of engagement improve the patient experience overall.

  • Repeat and better service: Because Nims Super-specialty Hospital Loyalty Program rewards you for your ongoing connection with the institution, you are more likely to return and you are guaranteed to get best additional services.

  • Fast track OPD Consultations/ IPD admission

  • Fast track tests/ MRI/ CT/ Ultrasound/ Bloods Tests

  • Fast track Discharges

  • VIP Parking

  • Discounted Services

  • Discounted Food/ Beverages 

  • Discounted Medicines

  • Free Pick up and Drop off from home/ Location

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